Manhole Steps

ASTRAL ENGINEERING, combining the up-to-date Plastic Injection Moulding and Mould Manufacturing abilities with its experience, created a world-wide acceptance of reliability in its field.

The Astral products are used in countries like USA, Austria, Germany, Japan, France, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Turkey with a register of quality confirmation according to their standards.

Astral step rungs are produced by plastic coating (either PE or PPCP water and impact resistant reinforced plastic) on metal bars of optional sizes and grades like corrugated steel, st.steel, aluminium bars and pipes. They are used and preferred in waste water removal systems, pools, manholes, etc. due to their easy assembling and corrosion and impact resistance.

Astral manhole safety steps are manufactured according to following international standards:

      · EN13101

      · DIN19555

      · ASTM-C478

      · AASHTOM-S-199

      · OSHA STD.1-1.9

Since ASTRAL is designing and developing his own moulds, we are capable of offering you different sizes and dimensions upon request.

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